Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement
Transfer Admission Agreement

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Transfer Admission Agreement

Transfer Admission Agreement between Somerville College and the University of California, Davis.

Student Name

Social Security Number

Academic Major

With this agreement, entered into between Porterville College and the University of California Davis, you are guaranteed admission to UC Davis, provided that you satisfactorily complete all requirements listed in (1), (2), and (3) below and file an application for admission while the University is still accepting applications for the _______________ quarter, 20____.

Your eligibility requirements include the following:

  1. (Work already completed): At the end of the _______________ term 20____ you have completed __________ UC Davis transferable semester/quarter units with an overall GPA of __________.

  2. (Work in progress and/or planned): You are required to complete __________ additional semester/quarter units, including the following courses:

    Courses in Progress


    Courses Planned


  3. Other requirements:

    1. You are required to earn the following cumulative GPA for all courses taken prior to transfer: __________

    2. Special requirements for impacted programs:

      High school course omissions which must be satisfied:


I hereby certify that the information which I provided to substantiate number (1) above include any and all courses/units from all postsecondary institutions which I have attended. I am aware that this agreement is null and void in case it is found that the information I have so provided is not complete or is inaccurate. I further certify that I do not hold or have not earned a four-year degree from any institution of higher learning.

Porterville College AdvisorDate

Student SignatureDate


UC Davis RepresentativeDate



TAA may be written one year in advance of the transfer quarter (term).

1. Non-impacted Majors

- TAA must state minimum admission requirements to be completed prior to entrance date. Though it is important to address the lower division major requirements and breadth requirements, only the UC admission requirements MUST be completed.

2. Impacted Majors

- TAA must state current minimum screening criteria, i.e., GPA, units, course requirements, etc. (Attached are the minimum screening criteria in our historically impacted majors.) Students not meeting the stated minimum screening criteria will not be given a TAA.

3. Restricted Students

- F-l (foreign visa) students
- Students with 80 semester/120 quarter units
- Students who formerly attended a UC campus and left while on academic probation
- Students currently holding a B.A. or B.S. Degree


1. Counselor/Advisor initiates agreement, with student completing:

a. All student, campus and quarter information
b. #1 - transfer units completed and GPA to date
c. #2 - number of units left to be completed for admission, including current courses in progress and/or planned
d. Sign form, attach transcripts. educational plan, articulation agreements and refer to the Dean of Students

2. UCD Representative will complete:

a. #3a - minimum required GPA, based on impacted or non-impacted major
b. #3b - required copies for impacted majors
c. #3c - high school courses or Option 1 courses completed or required to satisfy subject deficiencies or omissions
d. #3d - statement of ''good standing'' from last school attended
e. Sign form and refer to Dean of Students

3. Dean of Students will:

a. Review and sign form
b. Check TAA for all signatures
c. Make two (2) copies of TAA and two (2) copies of supportive documentation
d. Distribute one (1) copy with documentation to Articulation Coordinator's Office file and one (1) copy with documentation to UCD
e. Return original TAA to the student


Undergraduate Admissions will:

a. Enter TAA information on Admissions pre-applicant data base
b. File TAA and supportive documentation in a pencil folder and maintain in Master File
c. Upon application to UCs, the TAA notation will appear with the student's admission data. TAA will be checked for compliance. Student will receive automatic early admission.

NOTE: Students with TAA'S must file their admission application during the appropriate filing period and send official high school and college transcripts.

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